About Us

Our Story

Right Angles Technologies has been in various formations since 1987. We have provided engineering services to a wide array of customers ranging from Aerospace to Consumer Electronics, Large Enterprise, Small Business and Government.
Our history includes an Internet hosting service which we operated 24/7 from 1998-2015, providing our customers a reliable platform to host their email, Web Applications and Web Sites.
Today, Right Angles Technologies, Inc. is focused on providing an ever expanding range of Engineering Service to meet the demands faced by our customers.
Our customer focus has led us to solve some very interesting engineering challenges form developing custom CAD software for an electric motor company, to developing a custom framework, engineered to bridge our clients legacy systems to modern web based technologies.

Meet Our Founder


Michael Kramer

Founder & CEO

During the past 35+ years, Mr. Kramer has influenced the development of many complex computer and electronic systems.

Mr. Kramer is an Entrepreneur at heart. His management experience includes the following roles:

  • CEO/Founder – Right Angles Technologies Inc.

  • CTO – Throne VIP

  • CEO/Founder – Delta Force Motors Corp.

  • CEO/Founder – Synthetic Fuels Corp.

  • CEO/Founder – Digital Personalities Inc.

  • VP of Engineering – The Games Network Inc.

And many facets of engineering:

  • E-Commerce System Architecture and Implementation using Advanced WEB Technologies

  • Application Software Design

  • Database Design

  • Operating System Design

  • Local and Wide area Network Design

  • Digital Electronic Circuit Design

  • Analog Electronic Circuit Design

  • RF Electronics

  • Robotics

  • Business Process Automation

  • Experience in assembly, testing and quality assurance

Throughout his career, Mr. Kramer has participated in the design, development and quality assurance of many large-scale computer and electronic systems.

CEO/Founder – Right Angles Technologies Inc., Mr. Kramer is responsible for the day to day operations of the company. As a management consultant, he helps his client’s senior management realize their business goals through technological solutions. As a system architect, Mr. Kramer leads the development of complex multi-tier computing systems using a simple but effective methodology for the capture of business requirements, through the development, test and deployment of these systems. Using his many years of experience as a software developer, he brings a spirit of engineering and passion to his work. Mr. Kramer has successfully lead and mentored many development teams.

CTO – Throne VIP – An early stage, VC backed company, hands on leader of the technology organization. Responsibilities include working with company leadership to expand on the vision, strategy, and road map, focused on speed to market and innovation, cultivate, manage and mentor on shore and off shore software development teams developing native mobile (Android & iOS) applications and web applications (Java). Partner with product management team in the definition of product feature sets, and technical liaison to software development teams. Oversee management al IT infrastructure including cloud based Production & Test Environments on the AWS platform, insure SLAs and system availability and responsiveness. Insure security best practices across all platforms.

CEO/Founder/Inventor – Delta Force Motors Corp. Mr. Kramer invented an ultra efficient electric motor designs and patented intellectual property. We currently hold 4 issued US patents for this proprietary technology, and have developed an ongoing patent protection plan to protect our market opportunities globally.

Our company passion & focus is to reduce the carbon footprint and operating costs associated with electric machinery, leaving the world much cleaner than we found it! We believe we can make money while at the same time, making a positive ecological impact on the planet!
Our patented technology and design will surpass the efficiency barrier of today’s motor technology because we invented a simple way to make use of the attractive force of a magnet to add additional rotational energy, resulting in a motor that will use less electricity.

CEO/Cofounder – Digital Personalities Inc., Mr. Kramer was responsible for the day to day operations of the company. Responsibilities included the acquisition of capital funding and the management of these funds. Managing a staff of twenty people in the design and development of an interactive video on demand television system. Other duties included the management of intellectual property in the form of national and international patents.

VP of Engineering – The Games Network, Mr. Kramer was responsible for the development of the first production interactive gaming system to use cable for high-speed data transfer. Mr. Kramer was responsible for the design and implementation of proprietary custom hardware and operating system software for this system.

Mr. Kramer has also worked as a management consultant to AT&T in the automation of information systems between AT&T and the local exchange carriers, and the design implementation and management of local area networks within their corporate headquarters.

Working as a senior engineering consultant for Northrop Research and Technology Center (Aircraft Division), Mr. Kramer was responsible for the development of robotic software used to construct the first automated factory designed to build composite graphite airplane components.

While a senior engineering consultant for IBM, Mr. Kramer and his team of developers was responsible for developing key systems to automate a software reconfigurable factory for the Navy.